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Going Back To Basics - Starting From Scratch With Bonus Bagging

By paulcu, Jul 19 2014 05:26PM

Right - as i've not really done much matched betting or even any sports betting for 2 yrs + decided to go back to Bonus Bagging to get back into the swing of things and build up some quick cash so i can start off properly with Profit Maximiser in a month or so.

Luckily as i've changed address in the last couple of years i've been able to open new accounts so i can access the 'new members' bonuses

First bet was a £25 free bet with William Hill - you get this basically by sending a message to Mike (the developer) via a button on the members website (its that simple) & and within 5 mins you receive the clear instrucitons as to what you need to do.

This first bet was a qualifier to get the actual £25 free bet credited so you're t

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This blog was set up to see if it was  possible to make a part time or even full time from using the Profit Maximiser sports betting  method


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