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By paulcu, Jul 19 2014 05:26PM

Right - as i've not really done much matched betting or even any sports betting for 2 yrs + decided to go back to Bonus Bagging to get back into the swing of things and build up some quick cash so i can start off properly with Profit Maximiser in a month or so.

Luckily as i've changed address in the last couple of years i've been able to open new accounts so i can access the 'new members' bonuses

First bet was a £25 free bet with William Hill - you get this basically by sending a message to Mike (the developer) via a button on the members website (its that simple) & and within 5 mins you receive the clear instrucitons as to what you need to do.

This first bet was a qualifier to get the actual £25 free bet credited so you're t

By paulcu, May 13 2014 12:49PM

Just thought i'd post the latest Profit Maximiser advertising email as it explains quite nicely what you can expect from the service. ( i registered for the service under a different email address which is why i'm still getting these emails)

Hi paul ,

Chances are you've already pocketed a few quid thanks to Bonus Bagging.

In fact, I'm hoping you've banked quite a lot.

And by now you know it's an excellent way to make money.

Here's the thing though...

There's a way you can make even more - and it's using the same sure-fire and proven principles of Bonus Bagging.

Take a look how my new opportunity works.

I've been doing this myself for a while now...

And it's been easily pocketing me between £30 and £50 every single day, completely tax-free.

As I say, it uses exactly the same successful principles as Bonus Bagging, but it has one advantage...

With this you can do it as much as you want - you're not limited by how many new bookie offers there are.

This is pretty much UNLIMITED.

Basically, if you've profited or if you're currently profiting from Bonus Bagging...

This is your next step.

So, to find out what's involved and how it works...

Check this out today.

Best Wishes,


P.S. Obviously I'm confident this works as I've been using it myself...

And as you know Bonus Bagging works, you know this is going to work.

So, give it a shot here.

By paulcu, May 10 2014 02:52PM

Alerted to a nice, easy £35 guaranteed profit by one of the guys on the Profit Maximiser facebook page this afternoon. Basically one of the bookies offering £50 free bet if you place £200 worth of bets with them.

Basically just need to get those bets matched on Betfair to qualify then you're away. One of many oppurtunities flagged up every day by both the operator and the members on the Profit Maximiser facebook page.

Have look here

By paulcu, May 8 2014 08:44PM

I've previously used Mike Cruickshanks Bonus Bagging service (which is highly reccommended by the way) so was looking forward to his new service Profit Maximiser. Its based on the same principle as Bonus Bagging but isnt limited to taking advantage of opening offers from Bookies.

Profit Maximiser offers ongoing profit potential far in excess of Bonus Bagging and also has the added advantge of a thriving Facebook community who find and share offers & arbs with each other as well as helping newer members avoid errors and analyse wether a particular offer is worth taking.

It cant be overstated how much the Profit Maximiser Facebook page will help you - there are about 5/6 offers a day which appear in my Facebook wall.

What i would say though is that the sales page is very much in the style that we've all seen before ie '£50 off, never to be repeated offer' and could fool you into thinking you HAVE seen it before but i assure this service will make you money. How much is up to you.

Have look here


This blog was set up to see if it was  possible to make a part time or even full time from using the Profit Maximiser sports betting  method


I hope its useful for you in some way.....

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